Volvo xc70 Grill Guards

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Grille or brush guards are useful in a number of situations. Hunters, farmers, ranchers, 4-wheelers, developers, contractors and surveyors are typical of the kinds of people who find themselves driving through potentially damaging brush. The Volvo xc70 Brush Guard not only protects the vehicle, but it also adds a safety feature to your truck. Anyone driving a car with a stainless steel brush guard is more protected than he or she would be in the same car without a brush guard.If you plan on driving through difficult conditions which put your grille or engine at risk, adding this accessory to your Volvo xc70 can give anyone peace of mind.

Also called grille guards, they are designed to protect the grille, the engine, the front end paint job and even the driver under the most difficult brush driving situations. Brush guards are made to accommodate style preferences in two different materials, stainless steel and carbon steel. Cars that have them attached often find they need to lead the way for other vehicles without the same protection. People who spend a lot of time driving through brush, tall grass and wooded areas, can make great use of Volvo xc70 Grill Guards. Instead of letting Mother Nature damage your vehicle, the simple installation of brush guards can keep your investment safe from potential damage. The new guards do not ruin the look of vehicles like they once did. That's why you see Volvo xc70 sporting brush guards that have never seen the brush.

About VOLVO XC70

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The XC70 unveils a heaping dose of compact excitement to the Volvo name, helping establish the brand as a figure in a segment it has long strayed away from. The XC70 has impressed upon its arrival, thanks to an elevated form of style that many did not see coming. Featuring auto parts with the articulate design and seductive shape, the XC70 has all of the presence of a show-stopper. Sure, it has Volvo's signature safety reinforcements and premium performance, and it even hints at luxury with its comfy interior and tech-advanced dash. But overall, it's a fashionably conscious model with lots of fans.

The second generation Volvo XC70 premiered at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2003 and it featured modernly and elegantly styled Volvo parts. It quickly made an impression, when it went on sale in 2004. 19,419 units were sold during the first year the updated model arrived. Replacing two old Volvos, XC70 and V50 are based on the Volvo P1 platform. The new model has a longer wheelbase than the previous one for a smoother ride. The new model features automatic, front-wheel drive T5 (base) and R-Design trims. In 2008 the XC70 was again refreshed. Audio systems were refreshed, storage space was increased and the new Emergency Brake Lights safety feature appeared. New Volvo XC70 wouldn't be a Volvo without improvements on safety factor, such as BLIS (Blind Spot Information System). The Interior Air Quality System keeps the interior climate clean and healthy.

For its first generation, Volvo XC70 presented a compact package, measuring in with a wheelbase of 8 feet, 9 inches and overall length of 14 feet, 10 inches. Volvo XC70 and Volvo V40 boast an absolutely new standard for medium-segment cars, which is side airbags. Also significant changes were made, which are added safety features, larger brake discs, thoroughly developed engine management, updated front suspension and steering, improved rear suspension, larger tires and increased track width. As for safety factor, the model is actually the safest in its class. The anti-spin system, DSA (Dynamic Stability Assistance) provides the outstanding driving safety. Automatic climate control and keyless entry, leather seats, and AM/FM radio were standard for this model.

The first generation Volvo compact executive cars arrived in 1995, which were first stated as S4/F4 series, but then renamed to XC70 (sedan) and V40 (5-door station wagon) due to Audi reservation of the “S4” name and Ferrari's F40. Volvo XC70 was the first one to represent new design direction with softer lines. It is also the lowest emitting car in its class. The model's predecessor is Volvo 440, a 5-door hatchback. The 40 Series cars were equipped with 1,9T engine and 5 Speed automatic transmission. Based on the same platform as Mitsubishi Carisma, the 40 Series cars were updated in 2001. Its turbocharged engine has an output of 162 horsepower at 5,100 revolutions per minute and a maximum torque of 177 foot-pounds at 1,800 to 4,800 rpm.

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