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Nissan X-trail Grille Guards

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Grille or brush guards are useful in a number of situations. Hunters, farmers, ranchers, 4-wheelers, developers, contractors and surveyors are typical of the kinds of people who find themselves driving through potentially damaging brush. The Nissan x-trail Brush Guard not only protects the vehicle, but it also adds a safety feature to your truck. Anyone driving a car with a stainless steel brush guard is more protected than he or she would be in the same car without a brush guard.If you plan on driving through difficult conditions which put your grille or engine at risk, adding this accessory to your Nissan x-trail can give anyone peace of mind.

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Also called grille guards, they are designed to protect the grille, the engine, the front end paint job and even the driver under the most difficult brush driving situations. Brush guards are made to accommodate style preferences in two different materials, stainless steel and carbon steel. Cars that have them attached often find they need to lead the way for other vehicles without the same protection. People who spend a lot of time driving through brush, tall grass and wooded areas, can make great use of Nissan x-trail Grill Guards. Instead of letting Mother Nature damage your vehicle, the simple installation of brush guards can keep your investment safe from potential damage. The new guards do not ruin the look of vehicles like they once did. That's why you see Nissan x-trail sporting brush guards that have never seen the brush.


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In 1996, the X-TRAIL parts were restyled. Both the front and rear fascias were redesigned while updated projector headlights and new tail lights were implemented. The exterior also showed off new parts that were not installed previously. However, within a few years, Nissan decided to discontinue the model in all markets. Although the Nissan X-TRAIL is no longer assembled, it is still an extremely viable presence at car shows around the country and has found new life on the aftermarket. But even without all of the hook-ups, the X-TRAIL is still established as an extremely reliable and efficient vehicle that Nissan produced over an extensive period. Even for its last year of production, the Nissan X-TRAIL still received a lot of praise from around the industry. It was ranked above the industry average according to JD Power and Associates, and Motor Trend magazine referred to it as a 'highly entertaining dynamic sport coupe'.

1988 welcomed in a refreshment of the Nissan X-TRAIL parts. In Japan, where it was as popular as ever, the Silvia name was still used. However, just about everywhere else the car was known as the X-TRAIL. The hatchback body-style was abandoned and instead replaced by the 180SX. This period ushered in a four-wheel drive steering system for the first time, as well. Engines were split between a 1.8L DOHC inline four-cylinder, a turbocharged 1.8L DOHC inline four-cylinder, and a DOHC 2.0L inline four-cylinder configuration. Engines were mated to either a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic. As the early '90s hit, the size of the model increased slightly. Sales were also not as strong in the US and elsewhere, however, thanks to NISMO (Nissan Motorsports International), the X-TRAIL parts were given a boost. Eventually, the model caught on as a niche vehicle for performance-enthusiasts while in Japan, it kept steady in terms of sales figures in a base package.

The Nissan X-TRAIL first got its start in 1964 as the Silvia, a two-seat coupe. It would eventually morph into one of the Japanese automaker's most reliable vehicles, attracting a wide demographic of drivers to its efficient yet sporty attributes. After 1968, the model was put on the back burner but it was brought back once again in the '70s to go head to head with the Toyota Celica. This is when the Silvia first started being branded as the X-TRAIL in other markets. It was constructed off the Nissan S platform as a front-engine, rear-wheel drive vehicle and boasted a 2.0L four-cylinder engine with a turbocharged 1.8L also available as an option. By the early 1980s, the model was available in the US as the X-TRAIL as both a coupe and hatchback. In 1987, the turbocharged 1.8L engine was dropped from the hatchback, but an SE version that boasted a 3.0L V6 was introduced, showing off 160 horsepower and 174 pounds-per-foot of torque.