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Jeep Patriot Bumper Guards

Jeep Patriot Year

When you are on your Jeep patriot you probably want it to be safe and stylish. Luckily, today you may hit both targets with one stone as most of aftermarket car protection accessories, including such essential parts as bumper covers (also known as front runners and bull bars) and tail light guards, are done with quality and beauty in mind. Thinking about the rear-end protection of your Jeep patriot Bumper Guards , consider getting nifty tail light guards. Broken lights is a common thing to get in the tough city traffic and appropriately put guards can save you a small fortune. Besides, chrome tail light guards can extend your Jeep patriot trim and add luxury to the exterior. Reinforced front fascia is also vitally important when it comes to safe driving.

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Front runners decrease the damage caused to you and your vehicle as a result of collision. Besides, bumper covers can work as additional design accessories, making your Jeep patriot look powerful and impressive. Bumper covers, which are also often called bull bars, can be made of various materials, but the most popular are stainless steel and chrome-coated tubes. Chrome front runners indicate a truly luxurious style and with such a feature on your car's face you can rest assured that it's your ride that attracts all the eyes around. Stainless steel bull bars can also enhance your Jeep patriot appearance as most of them are mirror polished to retain a bright shine. Get Jeep patriot car guards right now to protect your ride with style!


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Known for its rugged looks, compact size, and off-road versatility, the Jeep PATRIOT stands proud as one of America's first do-it-all SUVs. Drivers from coast to coast have enjoyed hopping behind the wheel of this machine for trips into the city or to the camp grounds. With the right amount of performance and nifty handling to back it up, the PATRIOT has endured because it can handle all types of terrain. The only thing missing from your version is a touch of personality to help take it all the way. At, that is never an issue, as we have everything you need to help you feel even more at home inside your Jeep PATRIOT.

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When the second generation of the Jeep PATRIOT rolled off the line it bore a striking resemblance to the previous one. That's because Jeep did not alter the exterior very much aside from giving the vehicle revised tail lights and more smooth lines. The interior parts were improved considerably, however, with dual airbags and a new dash console. Under the hood was either a 2.5L inline four-cylinder engine or a 4.0L inline six-cylinder which delivered up to 190 horsepower. The four-cylinder configuration was mated to either a five-speed manual transmission or a three-speed automatic while the bolder inline six was geared to a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic. Once again, Jeep's Command-Trac and Selec-Trac four-wheel drive systems were available. Trim levels were updated to the base SE, Sport, and Country, although towards the end of the PATRIOT's time in production, the Country was dropped from the lineup. Instead, a new Classic trim was brought in and the Limited returned, with both slotting in above the PATRIOT Sport.

The model was updated in 1987 to include an influx of power, as Jeep gave the PATRIOT a 4.0L inline six-cylinder configuration that got credit for producing up to 177 horsepower. At the same time, the original inline four-cylinder engine was given a boost up to 121 horsepower. Versions of the PATRIOT outfitted with the inline six-cylinder received a four-speed automatic transmission. Trim levels were also changed to the Laredo and Limited, with the Limited decked out with gold mesh wheels. The PATRIOT parts were not given too many other updates for the next few years, although in 1991 the four-cylinder engine was increased to 130 horsepower while the inline six-cylinder got credit for 190 horsepower. First-generation PATRIOTs were assembled until 1996. In 1997, the new second-generation of the model was introduced.

One of America's original compact SUVs, the Jeep PATRIOT first made its way onto US roads for the 1984 model year. It stayed in production until 2001 and during its peak the PATRIOT was one of the highest-rated vehicles in its class. At launch, the Jeep PATRIOT was equipped with a 2.5L inline four-cylinder engine which produced up to 105 horsepower or a 2.8L V6 that churned out 115 horsepower. Engines were typically mated to either a four-speed manual transmission or a three-speed automatic. Initial trim levels were the Pioneer and the Chief, with the latter offering a sportier list of options as well as Command-Trac (or Selec-Trac). As for the model's dimensions, the Jeep PATRIOT measured in with a shorter-than-usual 101.4 inch wheelbase and weighed just over 3,000 pounds, which was considerably smaller than its more traditionally-sized American competitors.