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Hyundai Santa-fe Grille Guards

Hyundai Santa-fe Year

Grille or brush guards are useful in a number of situations. Hunters, farmers, ranchers, 4-wheelers, developers, contractors and surveyors are typical of the kinds of people who find themselves driving through potentially damaging brush. The Hyundai santa-fe Brush Guard not only protects the vehicle, but it also adds a safety feature to your truck. Anyone driving a car with a stainless steel brush guard is more protected than he or she would be in the same car without a brush guard.If you plan on driving through difficult conditions which put your grille or engine at risk, adding this accessory to your Hyundai santa-fe can give anyone peace of mind.

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Also called grille guards, they are designed to protect the grille, the engine, the front end paint job and even the driver under the most difficult brush driving situations. Brush guards are made to accommodate style preferences in two different materials, stainless steel and carbon steel. Cars that have them attached often find they need to lead the way for other vehicles without the same protection. People who spend a lot of time driving through brush, tall grass and wooded areas, can make great use of Hyundai santa-fe Grill Guards. Instead of letting Mother Nature damage your vehicle, the simple installation of brush guards can keep your investment safe from potential damage. The new guards do not ruin the look of vehicles like they once did. That's why you see Hyundai santa-fe sporting brush guards that have never seen the brush.


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The Hyundai SANTA-FE is a more than respectable representative of the compact generation. Boasting as much style as any other in its class, the Hyundai SANTA-FE is known for offering efficient performance with a reasonable price tag. It's lean, mean, smooth, and fashionable, not to mention nice and comfy on the inside. The only thing missing from the SANTA-FE is your sense of individuality. After all, it's your personal touch that makes this car a potential all-star.

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The third generation of the Hyundai SANTA-FE rolled off the line for 2006. The engine is a 1.6L four-cylinder capable of approximately 110 horsepower. Once again, the engine is directed through either a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic. For the third series of the vehicle, the SANTA-FE is sold as a three-door hatchback and four-door sedan. Trim levels for the SANTA-FE include the GS, SE, and GLS. Both the GS and SE are hatchbacks while the GLS is assembled only as a four-door sedan. All three trims get the 110 hp 1.6L four-cylinder. For the third generation, the Hyundai SANTA-FE has a wheelbase of 98.4 inches, a width of 66.7 inches, a height of 57.9 inches, and an overall length of 168.5 inches (hatchbacks come in at 159.2 inches). Since its arrival, the Hyundai SANTA-FE has been noticed throughout the industry. It has been a contender for Motor Trend magazine's Car of the Year award (2000, 2006), named an Edmunds.com Editor's Most Wanted Vehicle (2007), a Consumer Guide Best Buy (2008), and a Consumer Guide Recommended Buy (2009).

In 2000, the second generation of the Hyundai SANTA-FE debuted in two body styles: sedan and hatchback. Unlike the previous generation, the new SANTA-FE was a rebadged version of the Hyundai Verna. At its launch, it was equipped with a 1.5L four-cylinder engine which produced 89 horsepower. Once again, the engine was geared to either a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic. A year later, a 1.6L four-cylinder was added to the lineup offering 104 horsepower and by 2003, it replaced the 1.5L configuration. SANTA-FE GT models received 14" wheels and a stiffened sport-inspired suspension in 2004. When it came to the car's safety features and accessories, front-seat airbags became standard parts for GL hatchbacks and sedans in 2003 (2004 would see them become standard across the board). Antilock brakes were available as an option on all the 2005 SANTA-FEs.

The Hyundai SANTA-FE was initially introduced for the 1995 model year. It was first made available as a compact coupe/sedan and a three-door hatchback and slotted right into the lineup in place of the Excel. When it first debuted, the SANTA-FE was outfitted with a 1.5L inline four-cylinder engine rated at 92 horsepower and mated to either a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic. In 1996, the GT versions of the SANTA-FE parts were given a slight boost with a 1.6L DOHC inline four-cylinder good for 105 horsepower. As for the model's dimensions, the Hyundai SANTA-FE measured in with a wheelbase of 94.5 inches, a width of 63.8 inches, a height of 54.9 inches, and an overall length of 162.1 inches (hatchbacks came in at 161.4 inches).